Are you ready to step into mastery in your own business and skillset?  Are you determined, enthusiastic and ready to lead others into their own greatness?  I’d like to help you do it.

I attract Masters, not students.

What I mean by this is that most of the people I work with now KNOW that their greatest calling is to help inspire, lead and train others to be great in their own businesses.

They’re not attracted to me just to learn, practice and play. They have a specific purpose and audience in mind and want my help in reaching and inspiring that audience.

If this is you, you’re in the right place!

People often say to me, “I’d love to create my own business, but I’m not like you. It’s easy for you because… ”

Even though I have run, owned, sold and operated many businesses over the years (for myself and for others), I cringe when I hear this statement.

Because running my own business is often pretty challenging. And I work hard. Very hard. But even though entrepreneurship can be challenging, it’s also one of the most enjoyable and satisfying pursuits imaginable – total creative freedom, endless opportunities to help others, and more than enough income to cover my basic human needs, take care of my family, and to live the life that I want.

These days I travel part of the year and spending the rest of my time in my home in Hawaii. And somehow, it all works out and then some.

But it wasn’t always this way.


Years ago, when I was in early 40’s before I opened my first of six yoga studios, I approached my parents to let them know I’d just quit my full-time spa management job. I was preparing myself for a big lecture, but instead, my father smiled and said, “It’s about time you s**t or get off the pot.”

I was shocked. I was prepared to convince him that I was smart enough, worthy enough, etc, as I had in past before starting other businesses to family protests.

This time was different. Not only did I have the full support of my family and friends, but everyone pitched in to see my dream come true.

Over time I realized my family reacted differently because I was different. They could sense my commitment and knew I was in business for the long haul. I had learned to trust myself and the experience I’d gained running successful businesses for other people.

When I took the leap into my personal Zone of Genius, they followed me.

Now, I help others to believe in themselves and step into mastery in their own lives and businesses through coaching, consulting and co-created educational experiences (like my Barefoot Business Breakthrough program).

I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their businesses, and hundreds more to open thriving businesses.


I’ve done many things over the years, and my businesses (I always have several) are ever-evolving. This site exists to connect you to the many ways in which I can help you do what you do better, or even step into something new.

The common theme?

I’ll help you become a Master at what you love so that you can reach and contribute to more and more people as you grow your business.


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My Current Businesses – Business & Life Coaching, DoTerra Essential Oils, Pruvit Therapeutic Ketones, Tyra Beauty, Muse Headsets & more

Barefoot Business Breakthrough – 5 Day Business + Play in Paradise – Transform your life in 1 5-day Retreat on the Island of Kauai

Wild Abundant Life – 200 & 300 HR Yoga Teacher Trainings

Wild Kauai Chocolate – Bean to Bar Chocolate by Deborah Williamson, Chocolate Tours, Trainings & Retreats

Yoga Body Bootcamp – Instructor Certifications & Classes in Yoga Journal + Cosmopolitan + Business Week featured hybrid sensation that’s sweeping the nation


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