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She has an energy  and a joy that is contagious  and a real gift for distilling yoga philosophy…
Michael Franti, musician & yogi

I have completed several 500 teacher training modules with Debbie and find her approach to teaching teachers to be the most whole, yogic and authentic I have encountered. Every program she offers will teach you a ton and you will laugh your @$$ off in the process.
Kate Quinn, Teacher Training Program Manager, Core Power

I can’t even believe the massive shift my life has taken since my Advanced Vinyasa training in DC and the Life Coaching in CA. I feel like I have been catapulted into another realm! Amazing Results:

• increased energy (yay for yoga nidra)
• off the charts passion for work (is it really work?)
• a serious deepening in all relationships

Cindee Joslin, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach; Owner, Yoga Story

She helps people acknowledge the gifts they already have and inspires them to live in joy. My life has completely transformed because of the programs I have done with Debbie.
Christen Iannone, The Yoga Shrink

As a brand new yoga studio owner, working with them (Debbie & Kellie Lin) helped me get clear on everything from my yoga studio design & daily studio operations to planning/launching my Yoga Teacher Training program (and more).   The knowledge I gained has been invaluable – helping to catapult me and my business into success right out of the gate. Prior to the retreat I felt lost in my yoga business journey, but now I feel prepared to handle any obstacle that comes my way. This retreat (Barefoot Business Breakthrough) is a necessity for any yoga business owner.
Suzie Jones Mills, Owner/Teacher – Honest Soul Yoga

Wild Abundant Life and Deborah Williamson’s program is top notch. Her relatable style, wealth of knowledge, and her expectations for excellence will make you an amazing yoga teacher. She and Kellie will push you to your edge, but do so in such a positive and loving way, that your breakthroughs will happen in a safe and non-judgmental space.
Megan Kaiser, Owner, Dragonfly Hot Yoga, Middleton, WI

Debbie’s teachings have changed my life – she’s a real person helping us, other real people. Debbie’s got a heartfelt enthusiasm and a deep belief that this work benefits people. That energy comes through – and keeps me coming back…
Susan Werner, songwriter/musician

I have gone through 3 other trainings with nationally know yoga professionals – Debbie Williamson and her staff were the absolute best by far. Debbie teaches you how to be the best teacher that you can be. You are teaching from the first day of training.
Lisa Scaglione, Owner/Teacher – Zenergi Hot Yoga

This (200 Hour) training CHANGED.MY.LIFE. I cannot speak highly enough of how real and honest Debbie is about everything she teaches. She is an inspiration to me. The best part of the training is how she gives you the courage to find courage within yourself. She doesn’t make you do things, YOU make you do things.
Cheryl A. Lemenager

I have been practicing as a Chiropractor for nearly 30 years, and am impressed with the safety and strength building components of Deb Williamson’s (200 Hour) training. I got great personal attention, and the community of people I was able to meet and interact with were amazing.
Mike Saatkamp, D.C.

Debbie leads by example. Her spirit is inspirational and her approach is pure, coming from her heart. Debbie takes things personally in the absolute best way possible. You come in a student and leave a friend.
Kristen Yuhas, Co-Owner/Teacher – Peace of Mind Yoga

I love Debbie’s workshop/trainings/advice! Instead of presenting with tons of information and “how to” – Debbie questions us and gives new ways of thinking about the things that we already know so that we are able to create and learn from inner wisdom and experience. Thank you!
Rita Burlingame, yoga teacher

Debbie’s vast knowledge and experience in the fitness and yoga fields as a teacher and trainer is exemplified in the ease in which she trains others.
Melinda Roland, yoga teacher & yoga personal trainer

Since meeting and working with Deborah Williamson my life has changed physically, emotionally and spiritually for the better!  She’s a “chance taker” and ultimate inspiration.
Janet Planet, professional vocalist

I took the Yoga Life Coach Certification Course with Deb, and fell in love with the power of her message and the unique and distinct way that she communicates. I continue to move forward and successfully build my own business as the result of the support and friendship provided by Debbie.
Susan Perry, Owner, Kula Yoga, NJ

The encouragement, the confidence that is instilled in us at students at Wild Abundant Life/Midwest Power Yoga is enormous. This is a 200+ hour intense training that is done over a 17 day period, with the teaching techniques that are brought to the class room and hands on training that is provided, makes for an excellent yoga teaching school.
Lynn Mueller, Yoga Teacher, Sheboygan Falls, WI


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